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City Plan: James St

city plan: Artist Ken Lum outside Old City Hall, where his Nuit Blanche installation International Dumpling Festival will be on Sept. 29, according to Toronto Star. Expect it to be one of the night's biggest draws. You might not even know it's called James St. unless, like countless unfortunates before you, you ducked into it looking for parking only to fall prey to a hotbed of no-standing zones and the parking cops who zealously protect them. Bernard Weil / Toronto Star If James St. and its even shorter companion, Albert St., seem like offcuts in a city plan tailored to broader, more car-friendly byways, it's because they are. John's Ward, the vibrant, tumbledown neighbourhood that now lies under the thick concrete slabs of Nathan Phillips Square, a casualty of urban renewal schemes popular in the early 1960s when the new city hall was built. Vestiges of a city long gone, they're two of the scant few leftovers of St. ( As reported in the news.