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Brith: Smear Campaign and Labor Network

brith: West & Bathurst CUPW has been smeared by B'nai Brith due to CUPW's principled advocacy for the human rights of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union PPSWU which B'nai Brith accuses of being 'pro-terrorist', but B'nai Brith has failed to produce an iota of actual evidence that the PPSWU supports terrorism, according to Rabble. In fact, the PPSU has vigorously denied B'nai Brith's allegation, while the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles had denounced B'nai Brith's attack on CUPW and the PPSWU.CUPW is only the latest in a long list of victims of B'nai Brith's smear campaign targeting advocates for Palestinian Human Rights... Please Join the Word! August 29, 2018, 4 00 PMWhere B'nai Brith Canada, 15 Hove Street, North York, Ontario Sheppard Ave. ( As reported in the news.