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Border Security: Immigration Department and Immigration Committee

border security: All four agencies involved in dealing with irregular migration submitted amounts they have spent every month since early 2017 when the influx of asylum seekers began to ramp up, according to CTV. The total adds up to more than 270 million up to the end of June. The figures were requested by parliamentary budget officer Jean-Denis Frechette in early July and were recently released to members of the immigration committee. Canada Border Services Agency CBSA which manages border security, reports it spent about 54.5 million between April 2017 and June 2018. The Immigration Department, meanwhile, has spent over 117 million since early 2017 and the RCMP says it has spent over 7.3 million since June 2017. The agency said it did not have comprehensive data prior to that period because the numbers of irregular asylum seekers in previous years were small and mainly only being tracked manually. ( As reported in the news.