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Border Crossings: Quebec and Years Costs

border crossings: The Quebec government has demanded Ottawa pay the full costs of social services provided to so-called irregular migrants who have crossed into Canada between established border crossings over the past couple of years costs the province says have reached 146 million so far, according to National Observer. The prime minister responded to the woman by accusing her of intolerance and racism and saying her sentiments were not welcome. Trudeau made the comments when asked whether he went too far in accusing a Quebec woman of racism and intolerance as she heckled him last week during a rally in Quebec. ; During a campaign-style rally Thursday southeast of Montreal, the woman shouted questions in French at Trudeau, asking him when the federal government would repay Quebec for costs it has incurred as a result of an influx of illegal immigrants coming over the Canada-U.S. border. At a groundbreaking ceremony Monday for a new Amazon distribution warehouse east of Ottawa, Trudeau said he fears a rise in extreme populism, particularly surrounding immigration issues, with some feeding fear and intolerance using partial truths and outright lies. And there are people who are trying to feed fears and intolerance for a broad range of reasons. ... I will remain positive and remain pulling people together, pulling communities together right across this country. There has been a polarization in our political discourse, Trudeau said as construction machinery clattered in the background. ( As reported in the news.