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Bertolt Brecht: Commentary Today and Stephanie Baird

bertolt brecht: He just doesn't want it to feel too on-the-nose with its critique, according to Toronto Star. Producer/performer Rouvan Silogix, director Esther Jun and music director/performer Jason Collett from left . Stephanie Baird / THE CANADIAN PRESS It's been quite illuminating to see how timeless Brecht's insights were, Collett said of the production, which was being workshopped in front of audiences Tuesday and again Thursday as part of the Summer Works theatre festival in Toronto. The new adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's The Private Life of the Master Race, originally written shortly before the Second World War began, remains as potent a social commentary today as it was 80 years ago, the musician said. We're living through a very similar cycle that he was identifying in 1930s Germany. The stage play is one of a number of Canadian productions taking a stab at timely conversations over issues like racism, immigration and authoritarianism in an era defined by President Donald Trump and the rise of a white nationalist movement. And the conditions that created that atmosphere are what is most startling to me. ( As reported in the news.