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Years: Canadian Press and Ousmane Maiga

years: Politically, nothing has really moved over five years, there hasn't been any result, really, Ousmane Maiga told The Canadian Press during a recent visit to a bustling outdoor market in Mali's capital, Bamako, according to National Observer. Maybe with this election, it can change. The elections, scheduled for July 29, are being hailed as an important milestone for the country, which has been riven by political unrest and growing instability marked by widening internal divisions and frustration at the government. ; The hope among many Malians is that a successful presidential vote to be followed later this year by regional elections will begin to reverse the country's lagging fortunes and pave a path out of the current morass, which has endured for six long years. Because Malian citizens, the Malian population see that it's very important to make a good choice. And to also choose someone who is not included in corruption. To have someone who has a vision. ( As reported in the news.