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Way Right: Quebec Pundits and Media Exposure

way right: Popular columnists who are featured on major platforms with significant media exposure that writers of colour can only dream of have also waded into the debate, according to National Observer. Let's get one thing out of the way right now there has been no attack on freedom of speech. The show was recently cancelled after major protests and international media reported on the fact that it was produced by a white producer and featured a predominantly white cast with a white singer front and centre.I've heard Quebec pundits characterize the protests and the outrage as hysteria and paranoia. None whatsoever, writes Toulas Take SLAV Mtl They call the decision by the Montreal Jazz Festival to cancel the show intellectual terrorism, an attack on freedom of speech, emotional tyranny, cultural Apartheid, a blow to artistic freedom, fascism and censorship. Was that censorship too or simply a just cause prevailing When the CBC had to pull The Story of Us and publicly apologize following an uproar in Quebec about the way the historical TV series portrayed French settlers was that censorship or a wrong righted Perspective is a funny thing. Are you listening to yourselves speak What embarrassing hyperbole! ; As stand-up comedian Louis T recently tweeted, when Mathieu Bock C t and Richard Martineau were against the re-enactment of the Battle at the Plains of Abraham by the federal government in 2009, the event was cancelled. ( As reported in the news.