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Undocumented Immigrants: Vancouver Police and Immigration Status

undocumented immigrants: Vancouver police have drafted guidelines intended to ensure undocumented immigrants can talk to them without risking deportation, according to Toronto Star. However, advocates say the rules would change nothing, and merely pay lip service to protecting immigrants. The guidelines direct officers not to ask about the immigration status of a witness, complainant or victim, and not to enlist the assistance of Canada Border Services Agency on these investigations unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. Carmine Marinelli / Vancouver 24ho Those reasons may include when Crown counsel requires the information for court, when the individual needs to go into witness protection, when the information is necessary to prove essential elements of an offence or to ensure public safety. Jason Robillard said in a statement. We feel that this group may be reluctant to approach police because they fear their immigration status would be uncovered, Sgt. ( As reported in the news.