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Train Line: Sharia Law and Government Policy

train line: The accounts exploded in late June when Twitter shut down one that veered too close to impersonating Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.article continues below Trending Stories Stroke ends Patrick Condon's Vancouver mayoral run with COPERemembering Megan Scraper adventurer was gifted athlete, social media maven Have your say Do you want a direct train line to UBC Northeast Vancouver may be getting a little greenway love While some of the accounts criticize government policy or poke fun at various ministers, the Khalid account points out her Muslim heritage and accuses her of supporting Islamic State militants or Sharia law, according to Vancouver Courier. At least one parody account of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who is also Muslim, features similar sentiments. The Iqra Khalid account is one of more than 50 parody accounts created by what appear to be critics of the Liberal government, linked online under the hashtag parodycabinet. Khalid, who represents a riding in Mississauga, Ont., said she didn't think she would merit a parody account, since she's not in cabinet. Everybody has the right to speak their mind, but freedoms come with responsibility and when we have the power to speak we should do it with care, she said in an interview. She'd be fine with it, she said except for the fact this particular account goes too far. ( As reported in the news.