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Trade Agreement: Defence Spending and Nato Headquarters

trade agreement: The conversation focused on trade, including efforts to revamp the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement and the ramifications for those talks of Mexico's presidential election, from which left-leaning populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador emerged victorious, according to National Observer. The conversation was positive, one official said. But for anyone hoping to see sparks fly at NATO headquarters in Brussels, the U.S. president did not disappoint, complaining anew about defence spending even as he endorsed a joint communique supporting current commitments, and pointedly slamming a German natural gas pipeline deal he says has left the country totally controlled and captive to Russia. ; Trudeau did not have an official bilateral meeting with Trump on Wednesday, but did have a conversation with the U.S. president on the margins of the NATO summit, said a spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office. But Trudeau appeared to be far from Trump's orbit during the traditional gathering of leaders for the NATO family photo op and ceremony, standing quietly to the side as Trump chatted with Britain's Theresa May, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. There, he announced that Canada will assume command of a new NATO training mission in Iraq a deployment of 250 Canadian Armed Forces personnel, aimed in part at staving off Trump's complaints that Canada and other NATO allies are not doing enough to contribute to their NATO defence commitments. Trump held several official bilateral meetings, some 2,000 journalists following his every move, while Trudeau held only one a talk with the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven, whose country is a partner nation to NATO. The only time the Canadian prime minister pulled focus was during an early question-and-answer session with NATO delegates. ( As reported in the news.