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Timmy Kinner: Ruya and Birthday Party

timmy kinner: Ruya was at her third birthday party complete with a pink doll-shaped cake and a Disney princess banner Saturday evening when a man armed with a large knife attacked, according to The Chronicle Herald. Ruya and five other children were badly injured, along with the three adults who tried to protect them. But at just six months old, she had the most important thing A mother who loved her so fiercely that she left behind her homeland, her husband and everything she knew so Ruya would grow up in a safe place. Timmy Kinner, a 30-year-old homeless man who had briefly been a guest at the apartment complex where Ruya lived, has been charged with first-degree murder and several other felonies in connection with the attack. Police say Kinner had recently been asked to leave the apartment complex because of bad behaviour. And Ruya's mother Bifituu Kadir is mourning her little girl, slain in the very community that was supposed to keep her safe. ( As reported in the news.