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Susan Hughson: Review Agency and Stories Vancouver

susan hughson: The review agency was called in to investigate the death of Norman Raddatz, according to Vancouver Courier. Const. The decisions they made, to enter that residence that day to execute that arrest warrant, were all infinitely reasonable, Susan Hughson of the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team said Tuesday.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Vancouver wrestler Calamity Kate vies for Mexican wrestling glory Warning issued after passenger infected with measles lands at YVRLearn some sweet kung fu moves and how to film it The same type of warrant is executed across this country all the time and it doesn't end like this. Daniel Woodall also died and a second officer was badly injured. Raddatz, a 42-year-old refrigerator mechanic who lived alone, was being accused of making anti-Semitic posts online. On June 8, 2015, four officers from the Edmonton Police Service had arrived at his home to execute an arrest warrant. ( As reported in the news.