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Street: City Council and Yaletown Street

street: Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer says she often hears from residents who want to change Helmcken Street's name, according to Toronto Star. The Yaletown street was named after John Sebastian Helmcken, a physician who negotiated B.C.'s entry into Confederation. But city council wants to make it possible to update some of those names, approving a proposal Tuesday night to draft a renaming policy for civic assets. Wanyee Li / Star Metro Less than two per cent of Vancouver's streets are named after women, and even fewer are named after people of colour, according to the city's civic naming committee. In a modern democracy, in a multicultural democracy, a democracy struggling with Indigenous and non-Indigenous issues, that doesn't seem like a reasonable answer to say we can't even listen to your concern. Residents who raise an issue with a street name to the city are told staff are not able to consider it because there is no renaming policy, Councillor Andrea Reimer said. ( As reported in the news.