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Stories Vancouver: Avenue Residents and Life Vlogger

stories vancouver: The town of 3,400 fundraised and got organized to sponsor one family from Iraq and one from Syria through the blended visa office-referred program.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Cousin says High on Life vlogger who drowned at Shannon Falls died selflessly Vancouver acting community rallies behind couple who lost everything in Kitsilano fire West Fourth Avenue residents capture dramatic moments from Topanga Cafe fire Last month, the committee officially disbanded as the town said goodbye to the second of the two families who had become part of the community over the last few years, according to Vancouver Courier. Both families have moved to Windsor, Ont., in search of better job security, proximity to family and friends, and a larger community of Arabic speakers. Through Facebook posts and word of mouth, McClellan connected with other like-minded people in the little town of Lewisporte, N.L., to form the Lewisporte Refugee Outreach Committee. McClellan says she's happy for her friends' next chapter, but will miss having them downstairs in her home's basement apartment. I'll miss just being able to go have a coffee and visit, and have the kids come up and play games for an evening, or go out to the park, things like that. It will be different, said McClellan. ( As reported in the news.