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Starweaver Tapestry: Ceiling Features and Pause Pavilion

starweaver tapestry: The discussion is part of a weeklong July 9-13 series of ticketed noontime tiffin talks that will be garnished with Indian takeout lunches packed in classic Bombay office-wallah dabbas, according to Vancouver Observer. Venue for the talks will be the outdoor Pause Pavilion that ISF bought from Ted-X and set up hard by the Bard on the Beach big top in the Salish sacred site of s n a q the park formerly known as Vanier . The pavilion's ceiling features a stunning Starweaver tapestry of a sky-entwining weaver goddess who features in the mythology of so many cultures worldwide. On the glory side, there will be banner performances by virtuosos like Hariprasad Chaurasia whose bansuri flute has been likened to the mythic Venugopal instrument of Lord Krishna himself ; sitar maestro Mohamed Assani performing a Scheherazade tribute in fusion with Vancouver's own Allegra Chamber Orchestra ; and a Ramayana episode staged, in classical Kutiyattam style, by Kerala's famed Nepathya ensemble to coincide with the 17th annual World Sanskrit Conference, hosted this year at UBC . But the mythopoeic downside will come in for its own share of sceptical attention, too, in such events as a panel on the timely theme of Fake News, Lies and Bulls t. The work is a collaboration between ISF artist in residence Sandeep Jahal and Musqueam knowledge keeper Debra Sparrow, who also offered the opening invocation at the Roundhouse launch party. A quintet of them will take the stage of Chinatown's Imperial Theatre tomorrow evening for high-powered soiree called 5x15. The pavilion isn't all that ISF has cadged from Ted-X. There's also the format of staccato brain-blurbs by Public Intellectuals. ( As reported in the news.