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Splinter Party: Alberta and Libertarian-Conservative Coalition

splinter party: This does not mean that Fildebrandt, who has been named the interim leader of the FCP, endorses Alberta's separation from Canada, however, according to Rabble. On the contrary, Fildebrandt told me yesterday, I believe in greater autonomy for Alberta within Canada. The tiny right-wing splinter party that until yesterday almost no one in Alberta had heard of, used to be best known among the province's political cognoscenti for its Alberta separatist leanings. I am no separatist. In our short exchange of Twitter direct messages, he described his goal for the party as a libertarian-conservative coalition in which disagreements are resolved by free votes. However, there might be some grounds for suggesting the Independent Strathmore-Brooks MLA would like to turn his new party into a vehicle for his personal political ambitions. ( As reported in the news.