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Shelter Costs: Costs and Mac Leod

shelter costs: She expected to make a formal request for the 200 million later Tuesday, according to National Observer. I would love a cheque. Speaking to reporters after testifying at a House of Commons immigration committee meeting Tuesday, Mac Leod said while the Liberal government has committed 11 million to Ontario, that money has yet to flow. ; Mac Leod said her department is monitoring the costs of dealing with border crossers and predicts they will escalate. MacLeod said the 200 million figure breaks down as follows 74 million for shelter costs for the City of Toronto, 12 million for shelter costs for the City of Ottawa, 90 million for social assistance costs her ministry is footing and 20 million for education. Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said his office had not yet recieved a request from Ontario. There are also expenses associated with legal aid and that Ontario has invested 3 million in the Red Cross, she said. ( As reported in the news.