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Shawn Tse and Kare

dish: The thick stew combines vegetables and protein with a thick peanut sauce and is traditionally served in the same clay pots it's cooked in, according to Toronto Star. Paul Wi, Shawn Tse, and Katherine Wi prepare the popular Filipino dish kare kare. Kare kare though not as popular as the de facto Filipino national dish adobo is a favourite among the Filipino community in Canada and their first-generation children. Shawn Tse / Seconds, Please! It's a dish Katherine Wi grew up eating in her north-end home in Edmonton. Shawn Tse a local filmmaker directed the film as part of his series called Seconds, Please!, which focuses on first-generation immigrants learning how to cook traditional food from their parents. On Friday, she, along with her father, will be the focus of a new film as they prepare the rich stew together. ( As reported in the news.