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Right Message: Detention Centres and Amanda Puerzer

right message: Many of the people who attended Calgary's rally said they were there because someone needed to send the right message to the government, according to CTV. People need to start standing up to injustices like this and let the governments know that we're tired of it and we're not going to take stuff like this, said Amanda Puerzer. More than 2,500 migrant children have been taken away from their families in recent weeks and held in detention centres as part of the Trump administration's immigration policies. It's just unconscionable to know that kids are being held like political pawns in camps without their parents. Every little bit of impact, every little bit of influence helps. Pam Cole, a social worker, also attended the rally says she is passionate about the fight and knows that a rally in Calgary is just as important as one on the steps of the White House. ( As reported in the news.