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Relationships: Marie-Vincent Foundation and Children

relationships: The foundation's director of professional services says the course has been designed for children up to five years old, and touches on notions of sexuality and equality in relationships in an age-appropriate way, according to CTV. Annie Fournier said the project is designed to help kids feel comfortable talking about relationships from a young age. The project will be run by the Marie-Vincent Foundation, which fights against the sexual abuse of children and teenagers. If we start to quietly broach those themes in daycare and afterwards, when kids get to school we'll keep talking about it, and the discussion will be easier and more open, she said. Several Quebec government departments are partners in the project, which is timed to coincide with a new sexual education curriculum that will be rolled out in schools in the fall. Some 300 educators will be trained by the foundation to implement the program, which could eventually be extended to more daycares and community centres if the pilot is successful. ( As reported in the news.