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Refugee Status: Program and Patrick Semansky

refugee status: But the month came and went without their expected flight confirmation from immigration authorities, according to Toronto Star. After 15 years apart, Wendy Mejia and her brother Brian were reunited with their parents in 2015, becoming among the first teenagers to be granted refugee status through the Central American Minor program. Her youngest daughter and her grandson were set to arrive in February 2017, thanks to a federal program that reunited Central American children with their parents in the United States. Patrick Semansky / The Associated Press file photo It wasn't until August that the mother, identified by her lawyers as S.A., found out that the program had ended. It still hurts not having them here. When I realized that everything had come crashing down, I suffered a lot, S.A., 52, said in a recent phone interview while on a break from her job at a lice-removal company. ( As reported in the news.