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Press Conference: Transplant Surgeon and Francis Delmonico

press conference: That couldn't happen just a few years ago, said Francis Delmonico, a high-profile U.S. transplant surgeon and former president of the society, according to CTV. The transplant society used to ban Chinese experts in the field from giving presentations at annual conferences, he told reporters at a press conference organised by the Chinese embassy in Madrid. But at the Transplantation Society's annual congress in Madrid this week, the tables turned as 150 Chinese experts took part -- an unprecedented number -- and one-time critics endorsed the country's organ donation system despite allegations it is far from transparent. The fact that there are so many Chinese professionals here reporting their experience is a very important testimony of the evolution of China, Delmonico added. But there are fears the practice goes on, with prisoners being reclassified as voluntary donors to get around the rules. China banned the use of executed prisoners' organs in 2015 and has set up a nationwide voluntary donation system instead. ( As reported in the news.