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Press Conference: Education Curriculum

press conference: The continuing debate around updating the Health and Physical Education Curriculum dates back to 2010 when then premier Dalton McGuinty backed down on changes to the 1998 document . Kathleen Wynne had just moved to the Transportation Ministry after having served as the Minister of Education who oversaw the changes, according to Toronto Star. She was premier in 2015 when the updates were reintroduced to protests. The Health and Physical Education Curriculum, however, has become a lightening rod for controversy with all sides exaggerating what it can and cannot do. Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals presents the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum at a press conference at Queen's Park in 2015. While school boards wait for clarification, from government and lawyers, about what the latest roll back will mean in practice, all sides should note that curriculum is not a lesson plan, curriculum documents are not the only things that govern education and individual teachers have a lot of responsibility. Galit Rodan / THE CANADIAN PRESS The current round of protests was triggered when the Ford government announced the roll back to the 1998 document on its first day in power. ( As reported in the news.