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population: The online poll examined responders' personal experiences, rather than just looking at their income, according to CTV. ARI researchers split the population into four groups based on the results. The Angus Reid Institute ARI investigation into poverty found that more than a quarter of people in Canada are struggling to make ends meet. The Struggling 16 per cent of the total population those On the Edge 11 per cent those who are Recently Comfortable 36 per cent and those who are Always Comfortable 37 per cent . More than one-quarter of the Canadian population 27% could be described as experiencing notable financial hardship today Angus Reid Institute angusreidorg July 17, 2018 For those people who are on the edge, in many cases they're one unexpected expense or financial calamity away from being in that Struggling group, Shachi Kurl, ARI Executive Director, told CTV News Channel. Respondents were asked about a dozen money-related scenarios. So when you see that more than one in four in this country report feeling squeezed in terms of being able to meet their needs and their family's needs, that's pretty significant. ( As reported in the news.