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Policy Counsel: Immigrant Survivors and Customs Enforcement

policy counsel: These cases come up on the regular, said Cecelia Friedman Levin, senior policy counsel at ASISTA, a group that works with advocates and attorneys helping immigrant survivors of violence, according to The Chronicle Herald. What that does, to my mind, is undermines the spirit of the protection to begin with. But as Republican President Donald Trump's administration has taken a harder line on immigration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement appears to be stepping up the detention and deportation of people who have applied for the so-called U visa. Through the program, petitioners are able to get a visa, and then a green card, before eventually applying for citizenship. Their applications are still active even after they're deported, but they can be separated from their families for years while they wait. But because of a long process and apparent policy shifts something ICE denies but for which advocates have provided evidence immigrants are now being swept up before they have a chance to legalize. ( As reported in the news.