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Parkdale: Displacement Realty and Houses

parkdale: A clear pattern of intimidation seems to follow, with low-income tenants getting pushed out and rents being jacked up, often doubled, according to NOW Magazine. Rooming houses are the biggest source of cheap rentals in Parkdale, offering more than double the number of affordable units that public housing provides, according to the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust's 2017 rooming-house study. Call it displacement realty. While often far from ideal, rooming houses and bachelorettes in Parkdale have been homes for decades to former psychiatric patients, new immigrants to Canada, disabled folks and those with low or fixed income. Expand Liam Barrington-Bush Rooming house on Spencer in Parkdale where rents for empty units have been advertised at upwards of 1,700 a month since tenants moved out. But they are disappearing. ( As reported in the news.