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Ontario Mp: Van Loan and Cabinet Minister

ontario mp: Van Loan was first elected in the riding of York-Simcoe in 2004, according to CTV. He became a cabinet minister in 2006 and remained in Harper's inner circle until 2015, when the Conservatives were defeated by the Trudeau Liberals. Ontario MP Peter Van Loan told a gathering of supporters at his farm on Sunday that he will retire from the House of Commons, effective Sept. 30. While he also held portfolios in international trade, public safety, intergovernmental affairs and sports, it was as House Leader that Van Loan spent most of his time. Van Loan also caused a near brawl in 2012 when he stormed across the floor of the House of Commons to confront New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen over an attempt by the NDP to have a vote on the then-Tory government's omnibus budget bill ruled invalid. It's also where he helped introduce some of the former government's most controversial legislation, including an ill-fated bill designed to ban women from wearing a niqab at citizenship ceremonies. ( As reported in the news.