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Ontario Language: Immigration and Hussen

ontario language: MacLeod stood in the back of the room, declining an invitation to join a panel that included Hussen and seven other provincial and territorial ministers, according to National Observer. Canada's immigration minister Hon Ahmed Hussen slams Ontario government's language on immigration for being irresponsible, divisive, fear-mongering and not Canadian. The federal minister was speaking to media after a meeting of the Forum of Ministers responsible for Immigration in Winnipeg. His Ontario counterpart Mac Leod Lisa demands apology. cdnpoli onpoli Hussen accused the Ford government of regurgitating the fear and mongering the Harper Conservatives peddled. MacLeod is the new Ontario minister responsible for immigration as well as children, community and social services, and women's issues. ; Our presence in front of you indicates we are a team working together to ensure a better future for all our citizens, Hussen said. Hussen also accused the Ford government of refusing to join the table in furthering national immigration and refugee efforts. ( As reported in the news.