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Olesia Luciw-Andryjowycz: Ndp Members and Ndp Government

olesia luciw-andryjowycz: Articulating a growing rightist effort to equate communism with Nazism in eastern Europe, Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta chapter president, Olesia Luciw-Andryjowycz, told the Edmonton Journal that the hammer and sickle was akin to having a swastika on a bottle of cognac, according to Rabble. This is not the first attempt by provincial NDP members to ban Russian vodka. Alberta MLAs Deron Bilous and Jessica Littlewood argued that a hammer and sickle logo on a bottle of vodka was offensive. In response to the 2014 upheaval in Ukraine, a minister in the NDP government in Manitoba discussed a provincial ban on Russian vodka. In 2014 the right-wing nationalist Euro-Maidan movement ousted Viktor Yanukovych who was oscillating between the European Union and Russia. At the same time, NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo tabled a motion in the Ontario legislature calling on government-run liquor stores to suspend sales of Russian Standard vodka. ( As reported in the news.