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Official Port: Tocanada Posture and Migrants Canada

official port: Migrants prepare to cross the border from the U.S. into Quebec last summer, according to Toronto Star. So far this year, 10,744 people have been intercepted by the RCMP while crossing the border outside an official port of entry roughly on pace to match the number of irregular migrants Canada saw in 2017. Thousands of people are crossing into Canada from the United States to claim refugee status at a time when the U.S. president's anti-immigrant bombast clashes with the Welcome ToCanada posture of a Liberal prime minister. Charles Krupa / The Associated Press file photo Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has lashed out at conservative critics, labelling their political message that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau naively invited refugees to clog the immigration system as fear-mongering and not Canadian. And just last week, with Progressive Conservatives at Queen's Park joining the attack on Trudeau, the prime minister appointed former Toronto police chief Bill Blair to a brand new cabinet portfolio focused on border security and organized crime reduction. New Democrats, meanwhile, charge the federal government is blind to the need to rescind a 13-year-old agreement that declares the U.S. a safe country and forces migrants from south of the border to avoid official ports of entry if they want to claim refugee status in Canada. ( As reported in the news.