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News Conference: Refugee Camps

news conference: He said at a news conference that the refugees had to live under terrible conditions in the camps because of massive violations of their human rights in Myanmar, according to CTV. He praised Bangladesh's government for being generous toward the refugees. Guterres was visiting the sprawling refugee camps in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar district to meet some of the Rohingya who have taken shelter there since last August. It is impossible to visit these camps without breaking our hearts with the suffering of the Rohingya people, Guterres said. He said the solidarity the international community was demonstrating toward the crisis was not necessarily being translated into reality when it comes to funding. First of all, listening to the terrible stories of massive violence -- of killings, of rape, of torture, of house or villages burnt -- it is probably one of the most tragic stories in relation to the systematic violation of human rights. ( As reported in the news.