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Food Tent: Atadero and Offering Sugar-Free

food tent: I think it opens a gate for curiosity and questions, like to learn more about other people's culture so I think it's such a good event to be in, said Atadero who was offering sugar-free iced teas like rooibos from North Africa and black teas from China and India on a muggy Saturday in the festival's packed food tent, according to The Chronicle Herald. We have travel shows, sometimes when you watch something, you say oh my gosh, people eat that What does it taste like said Atadero, who moved to Dartmouth from the Philippines in 2014 to join her parents, who've lived here for seven years. But sometimes the tastes of different cultures come to you, Cherry Atadero pointed out at the Nova Multifest in Dartmouth. It opens your mind. Mariana Vidal also brought her love of food to Nova Scotia when she moved here with her husband from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. There's big differences but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these differences so sometimes. ( As reported in the news.