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Female-Led Businesses: Audette-Bourdeau Hope and Imbalance Innovators

female-led businesses: It's an imbalance innovators like Audette-Bourdeau hope to see corrected one day, but remains a looming obstacle for the time being, according to National Observer. I'd say that up to now, we haven't faced that challenge, but I am aware that it will probably be a challenge in the future as there are a lot of statistics about how hard it is for female-led businesses to raise money, she said in an interview. So far, she has secured grant money to get her company off the ground, but she knows the path to a prosperous startup is long and winding, especially for female entrepreneurs. ; Women represent 47 per cent of business owners in Canada, but according to data from SheEO, a Toronto-based organization that supports women entrepreneurs, their companies receive only four per cent of available venture capital. That's definitely something we'll have to get ready for. Photo courtesy of Marius Boatca/Flickr Creative Commons Funding available, female founders only Audette-Bourdeau is the co-founder and CEO of Welbi, which provides user-friendly software to seniors that connects them with loved ones, new friends and activities in an attempt to reduce social isolation. Canadian womencontribute 148 billion in economic activity annually, yet struggle to access capital to support their innovate business ideas. ( As reported in the news.