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Downtown Toronto: Art Galleries and Robert Fulford

downtown toronto: In it he recounts getting into a cab in downtown Toronto and going to the new location of the Olga Korper Gallery that had recently relocated from Spadina Ave., where art galleries had clustered, to Morrow Ave, according to Toronto Star. Brampton's place as a cultural centre has been growing with independent efforts like the FOLD, a Festival of Literary Diversity. There's a passage in Robert Fulford's excellent 1995 book Accidental City The Transformation of Toronto that I think of often as it puts current notions of where culture is that is, where the exciting parts of the city are into perspective. Pictured here are, Zarqa Nawaz, right, creator of the Little Mosque on the Prairie, with her mother Parveen Nawaz and Jael Richardson, artistic director and founder of FOLD. Metroland file photo Morrow is a short, formerly industrial street off Dundas St. as it curves north to meet Roncesvalles Ave. One day the entire GTA could be part of that geography. Fulford's description of how far off the beaten path the gallery was is amusing to read in 2018 when Toronto's arts and culture scene has expanded far beyond Morrow, but it's instructive to see how our perception of cultural geography changes over time. ( As reported in the news.