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Community Groups: Community Volunteers and Border Crossers

community groups: Now, we're hearing talk of an asylum crisis in which illegal border crossers are flowing across supposedly undefended frontiers, overwhelming public services and creating the potential for massive social disruption, according to The Chronicle Herald. What changed Is Canada now suddenly incapable of absorbing another 20,000 hard-pressed people Admittedly, the two cases are substantively different. The federal government and community groups responded, welcoming some 50,000 Syrians, including 1,500 to Nova Scotia. The Syrians came to Canada under government supervision and were sponsored by community volunteers. But are the borders really in crisis, as suggested by Ontario Premier Doug Ford Blaming the surge on the Trudeau government, Ford demands that Ottawa pay all the costs of sheltering the new arrivals. The new asylum seekers are arriving with no sponsors, crossing the border anywhere they can. ( As reported in the news.