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Children: Mylar Sheets and Casa Padre

children: The main child detention centre in Brownsville is in an old Walmart, its vast interior space filled now not with products manufactured by low-wage workers in distant foreign factories, but with 1,400 children penned inside of chain-link cages with Mylar sheets for comfort, according to Rabble. Southwest Key, the nonprofit agency that runs this detention center, actually calls it Casa Padre, Father's House, a painful reminder to so many children separated from their fathers. This is the epicentre of President Donald Trump's self-created immigrant family separation crisis, with at least 2,047 children torn from their parents' arms and imprisoned. Detention of immigrant families has been happening for years and even accelerated under President Barack Obama. Sessions promised, If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you. But, on May 7, the cruel triumvirate of Trump, his famously anti-immigrant adviser Stephen Miller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions enacted by fiat the zero tolerance policy. ( As reported in the news.