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Children Mcvety: Lesbian Adults and Television Show

children mcvety: The CBSC Panel, which dismissed the charges of discrimination against the disabled and Muslims, did determine that McVety was out of line when his program suggested that LGBTIQs prey on children McVety may not like homosexuality, according to Rabble. That is his entitlement, but to leave the totally unsubstantiated impression that gay and lesbian adults have a predilection toward young, underage people is insidious and unacceptable. This is a guy whose television show got booted off the airwaves in 2010 by the industry's own regulatory body the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council CBSC -- i.e. not the government -- after it received complaints about discriminatory comments on the basis of sexual orientation, religion and mental disability. In all, the Panel finds the McVety mis-characterizations as excessive, inappropriate, disparaging, and abusive . The Panel also found McVety's show grossly distorted facts, violating the Full, Fair and Proper Presentation Clause of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Code of Ethics. This is also the guy who, as senior director of the Defend Marriage Coalition, fought against same sex marriage as well as, surprise surprise, the province's Health and Physical Education curriculum, a.k.a. sex ed. For example, the good reverend claimed that speaking out against homosexuality is now a crime in Canada, which the CBSB labeled an inaccurate statement regarding the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code. ( As reported in the news.