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Asylum Seekers: Ford Team and Shelter System

asylum seekers: Premier Doug Ford must reverse his position on not co-operating with Ottawa to help house refugee claimants, according to Toronto Star. Tijana Martin / THE CANADIAN PRESS This is exactly what Toronto doesn't need. If you tried to make a difficult situation worse, you couldn't do a better job than the Ford team is doing by invoking inflammatory language about illegal border crossers and declaring that it won't even work with the federal government to address this situation. For many weeks, Mayor John Tory has been sounding the alarm about mounting pressures on the city's shelter system caused by the arrival of asylum seekers crossing the Canada-U.S. border near Montreal. About 800 are also being housed at two community colleges, but will have to be moved once students start returning on Aug. 9. Many are being directed toward Toronto, and they now occupy some 46 per cent of shelter spaces. ( As reported in the news.