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Asylum-Seeker Issue: Emergency Meeting and Mac Leod

asylum-seeker issue: She called his comments mean-spirited and demanded an apology, according to Vancouver Courier. At Monday's emergency meeting of the House of Commons immigration committee, opposition members will try to put some political pressure on the government by urging their Liberal counterparts to examine the problem, as well as the pressure it is putting on provinces. As Ford's community and social services minister, Mac Leod is butting heads with the Liberal government over its handling of the asylum-seeker issue, and she was at it again Friday after the main federal, provincial and territorial players gathered for a meeting on the matter in Winnipeg.article continues below Trending Stories Video of overcrowded pigs by animal rights group prompts investigation Have your say Do you want a direct train line to UBC Uncle Fester has bloomed and it's a big stinky deal for thousands of Vancouverites Remembering Megan Scraper adventurer was gifted athlete, social media maven She walked out of the meeting after a testy exchange with federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who later publicly accused Ontario of fear-mongering on asylum seekers. Rempel will introduce a motion calling on the committee to undertake a study to review the adequacy of the federal government's response to the impact of increased asylum seekers crossing into Canada from the United States. The motion calls on Hussen to testify, for the committee to meet at least twice more this summer and that the study be concluded before Aug. 3. She and NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan are calling on the committee to hold two more meetings this summer in hopes of learning more about what the government intends to do. ( As reported in the news.