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Anti-Immigration Messaging: Sticker Campaign and Group

anti-immigration messaging: Their slogan says Halifax stands in solidarity against racism and across borders, according to Toronto Star. Art Bouman and his group are combating racism and anti-immigration messaging with a new sticker campaign. The group ordered 1,000 stickers to counter that messaging. Contributed This sticker campaign was born after Art Bouman and his group discovered racist and anti-immigration messages around the city. Bouman said when they discovered the stickers had been plastered throughout the city, members of his group walked around removing any they found and replaced them with their own pro-migrant, anti-white supremacist stickers and posters. Contributed The initiative came about after Bouman and members of his group say they stumbled upon up to 100 racist, anti-immigration stickers plastered on poles and posts between south end Halifax and Fairview. ( As reported in the news.