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York Gov: Villavicencio and Army Garrison

york gov: Villavicencio, who was making a delivery to an Army garrison in Brooklyn, NY., wound up being detained June 1 after a routine background check at the gate revealed there was a warrant for his arrest for immigration law violations, officials said, according to Toronto Star. Richard Drew / The Associated Press Saturday's court order temporarily halting Villavicencio's immediate removal to Ecuador means that his allies, including New York Gov. Legal Aid Society lawyer Jennifer WIlliams, who represents Ecuadorean restaurant worker Pablo Villavicencio, shows the Application for Stay of Deportation or Removal she filed at the offices of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in New York on Friday. Andrew Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers, will have at least another month to try to free him from federal custody. He has committed no crimes since then, a spokeswoman for Immigration Customs and Enforcement told the newspaper, but an immigration judge ordered him to leave the country in 2010. Villavicencio entered the United States illegally in 2008, in his mid-20s, according to the New York Times. ( As reported in the news.