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World Outrage: Executive Order

world outrage: In announcing his executive order yesterday, Trump defended his government's policy blaming refugees who are allegedly using their children as a ticket to get into the country, according to NOW Magazine. But as Amnesty International and others have pointed out, families and their children escaping persecution in Central America and seeking protection in the US will still be detained despite Trump's executive order. Donald Trump has, for the first time in his presidency, given in to world outrage and signed an executive order directing border agents not to separate children and their families seeking asylum in the US. Trump's zero-tolerance policy on immigration has been systematically detaining and separating an estimated 2,500 kids from their parents. Meanwhile, there are no immediate plans to reunite children imprisoned and already separated from their families, some of whom continue to be mistreated while in custody. My late father, who survived the Holocaust, used to tell us the story of a wise old Rabbi whose son was so deeply immersed in study one night that the son didn't hear his baby crying in the next room. According to one lawsuit filed in federal court, immigrant children in one Houston holding centre are being forcibly subdued using psychiatric drugs. ( As reported in the news.