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Wayne Millard: Relations Committee and Twice-Convicted Murderer

wayne millard: She also criticized President Donald Trump, without naming him, during an acceptance speech for Foreign Policy magazine's diplomat of the year award, according to Vancouver Courier. RECONSTRUCTION COP TO TESTIFY AT MILLARD TRIALA Toronto police crime scene reconstruction expert is expected to testify at the murder trial of a twice-convicted murderer accused of killing his father, whose death was initially ruled a suicide. Freeland met yesterday with members of the influential US Senate foreign relations committee, where she received some support for the Canadian government's position on the tariffs. Dellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, has pleaded not guilty to killing his 71-year-old father, Wayne Millard, on Nov. 29, 2012. POILIEVREConservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre says he plans to make life really uncomfortable for the governing Liberals until they finally give in and produce their analysis on how much a carbon price of 50 a tonne is going to cost the average Canadian family. The trial has heard that Millard bought the handgun found beside his father's body from a weapons dealer months earlier, and court documents show his DNA was found on the handle of the gun. ( As reported in the news.