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Vancouver Portfolio: Zero-Tolerance Policy and Condo Owners

vancouver portfolio: Diogo frequently looked up at his mom and smiled.article continues below Trending Stories No hormones, no plastic straws and now no meat A&W goes beyond' burgers Point Grey condo owners can't stop the music Cadillac Fairview sells half its Vancouver portfolio, which includes Pacific Centre Hector Bremner says Yes' to new Vancouver party Asked if she had a message for President Donald Trump about her ordeal and his zero-tolerance policy that separated hundreds of children from their parents, the mother responded through a translator, Don't do this to the children, according to Vancouver Courier. Under Trump's policy, the government has begun prosecuting all migrants caught entering the country without authorization. Facing reporters together just hours after the reunion, Lidia Karine Souza and her son, Diogo, wrapped their arms around each other. Trump has halted his policy of taking children from their detained parents under public pressure but around 2,000 of them are still being held, with many families saying they've not known how to locate them. When asked about advice she'd give to others facing similar challenges in getting their kids back, Souza said Don't give up, be persistent. Jesse Bless, an attorney for Souza and her son who stood with them at their news conference, described the ruling by U.S. District Judge Manish Shah as unique, adding he hoped it would open the door for others to do the same and help hasten a resolution to the crisis. ( As reported in the news.