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Vancouver Party: Park Board and Gop Opposition

vancouver party: The depth of GOP opposition was an embarrassing showing for Trump and a rebuff of House leaders, who'd postponed the vote twice and proposed changes in hopes of driving up the tally for a measure that seemed doomed from the start.article continues below Trending Stories Owners of fire-damaged Shaughnessy home facing charges under city's heritage bylaw Hector Bremner says Yes' to new Vancouver party Green Party goes above and beyond, selecting candidates for council, school and park board Will he or won't he The Ryan Reynolds watch is on at the Rio Theatre The roll call seemed to empower GOP conservatives on the fraught issue, according to Vancouver Courier. Last week a harder-right package was defeated but 193 Republicans voted for it, 72 more than Wednesday's total. The bill was killed 301-121, with nearly half of Republicans opposing the measure. In Wednesday's vote, 112 Republicans voted no, including many of the party's most conservative members. Roger Williams, R-Texas. We need to start securing the border and not reward bad behaviour, and that's what this bill did, said Rep. ( As reported in the news.