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Travel Policy: Supreme Court and Muslim Populations

travel policy: Critics argue that judges should only evaluate the text of Trump's orders, according to Vancouver Courier. Chief Justice John Roberts said Tuesday the Supreme Court may look behind the face of the proclamation barring travellers from five countries with overwhelmingly Muslim populations, though he adopted a relatively easy standard for the administration to justify its travel policy. The remarks have been used to argue the ban was motivated by religious prejudice.article continues below Trending Stories Owners of fire-damaged Shaughnessy home facing charges under city's heritage bylaw Hector Bremner says Yes' to new Vancouver party Green Party goes above and beyond, selecting candidates for council, school and park board Will he or won't he The Ryan Reynolds watch is on at the Rio Theatre Trump a prolific Twitter user has also had his words turned against him in lawsuits over decisions to separate families at the border, end legal protections for young immigrants and revoke temporary status for people from particular countries. Allowing consideration of the president's statements is good news for plaintiffs in other immigration lawsuits against the administration, said Niels Frenzen, an immigration expert at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. That would have started to close the door in considering this outside evidence. They could have said it's improper to consider any statements made on the campaign trail, he said. ( As reported in the news.