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Thursday Voting: House and Republicans

thursday voting: Public outcry is mounting over the family separations, but so far, there's no clear roadmap for Thursday voting on the emotional issue dividing Republicans, according to The Chronicle Herald. With the immigration bills teetering in the House, the White House launched an eleventh-hour push to try to bring Republicans onboard. Trump has said he's 1,000 per cent behind both GOP bills, but restive House Republicans have all but begged GOP leaders for more clarity about what the president would actually sign. Ryan took a group of wavering lawmakers to the White House to meet with Trump in hopes he could persuade them. The results were mixed, with some lawmakers newly announcing their support for a compromise bill, but others digging in against it. Back on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also met with House Republicans. ( As reported in the news.