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Technology Employers: Technology and Vancouver

technology employers: Jobs in B.C.'s technology and creative industries are better paid than elsewhere in Canada, according to data released Tuesday, according to Toronto Star. Jennifer Gauthier / For Star Metro Vancouver That's welcome news to technology employers, who say they haven't been able to find enough high-skilled employees in Vancouver where the unemployment rate is lower than 5 per cent. The government announced Tuesday that B.C.'s provincial nominee program for technology will go on until June 2019, a year longer than initially planned. Experts have cautioned that competition for tech talent in Vancouver is likely only to become more fierce with Amazon injecting 3,000 more technology jobs into the market. Article Continued Below It's been very successful in the sense that the industry's really embraced it, Ralston said in an interview with Star Metro Tuesday. But the province wants Vancouver's technology hub to keep growing and bringing good-paying jobs and foreign direct investment in the province. ( As reported in the news.