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Tamil Gentleman: Refugee Process and Toronto Planter

tamil gentleman: Kanagaratnam was one of the almost 500 Sri Lankan refugees who arrived on a ship off the B.C. Coast, according to Rabble. The docking of the MV Sun Sea in 2010 sparked a racist outcry and calls for a crackdown on so-called irregular migrants. The remains of the Tamil gentleman were found in a north Toronto planter this spring, three years after his family lost touch with him. As the Canadian Council for Refugees CCR recalled The passengers were subjected by the government to prolonged detention, intensive interrogation and energetic efforts to exclude them from the refugee process, or to contest their claim if they succeeded in entering the refugee process. Although two-thirds of those on board were found to be in need of protection, Kanagaratnam was not one of them a comment not so much on the strength of his asylum claim, but more likely a reflection of the inconsistent and often biased decision-making by refugee board bureaucrats likely scared by then public safety minister Vic Toews' racist, patently false description of passengers as people smugglers and terrorists . In a 21st century none is too many moment a reference to the Canadian government's turning away of a boatload of other irregular migrants, Jews seeking asylum from Hitler's Germany in 1939 on the St. Canada's immigration legislation was amended to give the government extraordinary new powers, many apparently unconstitutional, to detain people and deny them a wide range of rights. ( As reported in the news.