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Surprise: Surprise Election and Ndp Leader

surprise: Yet, he also threw down the gauntlet for those who will continue to serve in Parliament and all Canadians by emphasizing the need to continue defending the values and principles that define this country, according to Vancouver Courier. We have a lot more in common than anything that divides, Mulcair told the House of Commons, to which he was first elected in 2007 after scoring a surprise byelection victory in the traditionally Liberal riding of Outremont. More than a decade after his surprise election in a Montreal riding, which paved the way for the orange wave that swept through Quebec in 2011, the former NDP leader delivered his final address before leaving federal politics later this summer.article continues below Trending Stories Gang activity on the rise in Vancouver Mason bees build mud walls in their nests Cancer a factor in Raymond Louie's decision not to seek re-election Vancouver police investigating third case of virtual kidnapping Much of Mulcair's speech was spent thanking his family, particularly wife Catherine, as well as employees on Parliament Hill, while reflecting on the unlikely, hopeful, slightly mad political adventure that was his career in the federal arena. While we can and should celebrate and cherish our democracy, our liberties, our rights and our institutions, we're all keenly aware that no one can take anything for granted in today's world. Mulcair also underscored the importance of relations with the country's Indigenous People, saying all Canadians have a lot to learn from those who were here first, in particular our obligation to leave things better for generations to come. Democracy needs champions and Canada should be one of those champions. ( As reported in the news.